Parents who are looking for unique personalized baby names gifts this is the right place. Win a free baby stuff online with newborn baby names contest.

baby names art contest parents can win free baby stuff for newborn kids see the free samples.

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See samples by rainbow art for parents to win free baby stuff online baby names for newborn baby gifts.
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Parents who need free baby stuff online for newborn baby names.

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Parents Power For The Arts!

Rainbowbrush(R) is committed to the power of artistic imagination... because the arts help children to reach their full potential.

Rainbowbrush(R) invites parents, guardians and teachers to participate on our free baby stuff in our "Win A Tropical Name Art" and "Free Name Art For Kids" art contest. As parents and teachers you encourage the power of imagination in your children. To inspire art lovers in parents and students we hope to bring creativity and fun to your family. We believe students who love the arts are more likely to develop the desire to contribute to communities. So, participate in our art contest, win a tropical Name painting and encourage your young ones.

- Kazi Ahmed, Rainbow Artist

Free Baby Stuff For Baby Names!!!,

If you are looking for a perfect free baby stuff for newborn or personalized baby names gift then you came in the right place.

We love new babies and their parents. We at Rainbowbrush?like to see your newborn baby's name is as beautiful as rainbow. So we are giving away in our every monthly baby names contest free stuff from rainbow art name paintings to our participants. So, participate in our contest for parents with your baby's birth story and win a beautiful rainbow picture personalized name art that your loved one will cherished for many years to come.

Remember, our tropical rainbow name art is free and it is educational. Our name art makes a perfect unique gift for baby showers keepsakes, newborn baby names, birthdays gifts or decorating kids rooms.

We at Rainbowbrush?make your new arrivals baby names very unique and personalized by creating each alphabet of his/her name with tropical fish, dolphins, birds, butterfly, exotic animals and rainbow picture.

How To Enter For Free Baby Stuff Contest

Entry rules

Only one entry per baby name story will be accepted. Entries by e-mail or mail must be legibly hand-written, preferably typed, in English, with illegible entries automatically disqualified. The baby's birth story should be on one letter-sized paper with the entrant's name or baby names, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.

The entries should be limited to about 100 words and can be sent either by e-mail or by mail to:

Free Baby Stuff names Contest
16672 80th Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia
Canada V3S 6T9

Who may enter

This free baby stuff name contest for parents only with their baby's birth stories. If you are not a parents and would like to win a free rainbow art name painting, please click here. The baby's birth date must not be before January 1st, 2000. The entries from US and Canada accepted only. This free baby stuff name contest is not open to employees of Rainbowbrush?or their immediate relatives, or the employees of participating sponsors.

Contest closing

Free Baby Stuff Contest entries must be postmarked by December 31st, 2003 to qualify. Winners will be posted on this website the earliest business day possible.

Prizes available:

Prize: 1 (one) personalized tropical Rainbow Art Name Painting, customized for the winning baby names. They will be specially signed with the baby's birth date and a certificate of authenticity from Rainbowbrush?will be given.


Reserves the right to use the baby names and story of any Rainbowbrush?free baby stuff contest winner on our web site without compensation. We'll put your newborn story on our web site only for educational purpose so, other parents who would enjoy learning your experiences.

Rainbowbrush?will publish the winning entries baby names on our website but will not keep the any of the original entries after the contest nor return them to the parents. So please keep a copy of your story for yourself.

Rainbowbrush?cannot respond to individual inquiries as to whether an entry has been received or be responsible for loss.

Size of the art print for baby names winners:

The tropical rainbow art name paintings are printed in a various beautifully calligraphy style with tropical rainbow fish, animals, birds, dolphins and rainbow pictures on an acid free paper. This is a unique personalized baby names gift piece of art and suitable for framing any framing shop. The baby names art print size is either 9"X24 or 9"X36 and it depends on the number of letters of the baby names.

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