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pic_displayIdeas (2K)

Our expertise is in being creative so we leave the mechanical work of framing to the professionals. What we have here, however, are a few tips and ideas because we understand that traditional framing may not be within your budget or time restraint.

pic_rose-Louie (6K)    pic_tristen (6K)

pic_luisa (5K) Supplies
  • Namepainting
  • Metal curtain rod, bamboo rod, wooden dowel, curtain or craft wire (stretched taut between hangers), flag pole, baton, or an old fishing rod. My friend bought an artificial tree branch for her mom's painting (see above photo).
  • Means for hanging rod or wire horizontally: ie. curtain rod hangers, wall hooks, or other system for wire, etc.
  • Hole punch (ie. Fiskars?Hand Punches)
  • Scissors (optional: Fiskars?Paper Edgers)
  • Ribbon, embroidery thread/floss, raffia, fishing line, colored craft wire, thin rope, metal curtain hangers.
Optional: finials, charms, stickers, or silk flowers for embellishment.

  • Trim paper to desired size with regular scissors or Paper Edgers.
  • Hole punch top edge every two or three inches. May also hole punch bottom with same or different pattern.
  • Thread one long string of material through holes, or make individual loops for each hole, tying ends in a knot or bow.
Put rod through loops and either: 1. attach a length of ribbon to the dowel ends with two tacks, one tack on each end of ribbon and hang ribbon on a wall hook; 2. Alternatively, you can put finials on the ends of the rod and hang the rod on two wall hooks. The hanging system would be different for flag poles, fishing poles, etc.

pic_melody (6K) To make "Melody?unique I started with a long frame from a department store. It came with a mat with several cutouts for 4x6 photos. I recut the mat with an X-Acto knife and cut a piece of pretty fabric a little larger than the mat to cover it. I slit the fabric in the middle (see shape below frame) for the opening, folded the excess fabric under the mat, then glued it (craft or hot glue gun).

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