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The meaning of Rainbow art symbols
In the Chinese culture and tradition, people have always believed that painting a person's name with graceful, colorful animals brings that person good fortune. We use different animals and a different style at, but still there is meaning behind the symbols. My wife Cindy has listed a few of our favorites.

Our Favorites
Angelfish: fearless, agile
Bee: industrious
Bird: love, liberty
Butterfly: delicate, beautiful
Crickets: restless
Dolphin: intelligent, playful
Flamingo: graceful, proud
Flowers: sensitive, beautiful
Frog: agile, flexible
Goldfish: calm, peaceful
Manatee: gentle, quiet
Whale: grand, majestic
Parrot: colorful, sassy
Pelican: opportunistic
Rainbow: full of promise
Boat: free, ambitious
Shark: aggressive
Swan: pure, gentle
Swordfish: independent, aristocratic
Turtle: tough, patient

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