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Name painting art print. Each letter is $3.00.

No minimum order required. Orders may be shipped to you or a third party.
Name Art Painting:

Individually Created... Not Pre-printed. Our colorful Rainbow Art Name Painting is created with original artwork from the RainbowBrush® Books by rainbow art innovator, Kazi Ahmed.

Painted with archival inks on acid free paper, Lasts a lifetime without yellowing or fading.

Each painting is hand signed and dated by the artist.

Standard paper size: 11" x 30".
Size of each letter depends on number of letters in a name.

If the name has 3 to 6 letters, the letter size is approximately 4" wide and 5" high.
If the name has 7 to10 letters, letter size is approximately 3 " wide and 3" high.

More than one name can fit on a banner, but if they exceed a total of 10 characters and spaces they will be centered vertically in smaller letters, as so:


We use a wrinkle-resistant paper, called Classic Columns, textured with vertical pinstripes to add interest to the background of the work. It is also acid-free to ensure stability and the long-term fidelity of the artwork.

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