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Press Releases

Newspaper Article - Key West Citizen
Key West The Citizen, Paradise This Week, Your Name in Pictures!
Thursday, June 22, 2000
By Alan W. Townsend

big-keyWestCitizen (4K) Visitors to Key West face a dilemma. What souvenir to buy to mark the occasion for themselves or friends or loved ones back home. Some op for a T-shirt, picture post cards, or knickknacks from a Duval Street gift shop.
But for the past five years, Kazi Ahmed has offered a unique alternative. For about $20 or less, he paints names on 10x35inch watercolor paper in about five minutes, using tropical themes for the letters.
This watercolor and airbrush artist, who developed what he calls his Kazigraphy style of calligraphy about ten years ago, was born in a small village in Bangladesh.
Ahmed promises he can make any common name, even a silly one, into a work of art. In Kazigraphy, the lines associated with letters are replaced with multi-colored plants and animals.
Forget A is for Apple. "In a name like Amanda." Said Ahmed, "all three As are different." Each character in the letters represents a trait. The rainbow represents a promise. The dolphin characterizes intelligence, at least according to Ahmed's wife, Cindy, who when not raising their children Maia 4 and Alexander, 1 -and-a-half, helps draw too.
Other characters represented are butterflies, flamingoes, palm trees, seashells, peacocks, sharks and coral. Educated at the University of Dhaka with a Bachelor of Science, Ahmed has traveled from Saudi Arabia to Canada and demonstrated his art in Sydney and Brisbane in Australia, in Vancouver and Victoria in Canada, and Hawaii.
Ahmed recently purchased a home in Cudjoe where he plans to raise his family. "I feel blessed to have been able to come to America to share my creations." He told Paradise. "Nothing compares to the colors of the Keys, from the blue of the oceans to the fabulous sunsets.
"I love to rush out of my house and jump in the water for a swim. I love the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere here. I love to share my art with everyone.
"I'm touched that people from around the world stop to watch me work, and even applaud when I'm done." He added, referring to the literally thousands of pieces he has completed in Key West.
Kazi is now concentrating more on the realistic beauty of tropical and underwater scenery besides name painting. After painting over 10 years in public he wants to spend more time with his young children, so, Kazi now paints mostly from his home in Cudjoe Key.
Kazi Ahmed's willingness to share his technique has spawned imitators along Duval, so, don't forget to visit the artist who created original tropical name painting by visiting his website at
Catch the debut of Kazi Ahmed's tropical lettering this month online at Each month there will be a contests for children and new mothers to receive a name painting free. In development is the Kazigraphy multiple-cartridge Rainbowbrush® marker. This patented pen contains three chambers of pigment to create a rainbow effect when stroked on paper or canvas. Ahmed's wife Cindy came up with the invention. A set of six different pens will be offered along with a booklet of instructions. A video may follow. A donation of 5% of revenues from the business will go to organizations assisting children with learning disabilities.

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