rainbow brush name art for abc kids

Rainbow brush calligraphy alphabet wildlife art contest for parents and learn ABC for kids with children's books.

Rainbow brush calligraphy fonts for abc for kids and childrens book with wildlife art contest.

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rainbow brush abc alphabet book for kids

Children's books for ABC with Rainbowbrush®
The multicolored brush we use is called a Rainbowbrush; because it creates a vibrant rainbow effect when it is stroked on paper or canvas. Its bright, cheerful palate creates the same feeling of freshness and excitement as a rainbow. With the Rainbowbrush, children, parents and artists of all ages will be able to create their own magic in rainbow pictures names, words and anything else they draw.

ABC for Kids in Rainbow brush Calligraphy alphabet
The typical children's alphabet book puts an apple beside the letter A, a ball beside B, a cat beside C, and so on until we find a zebra. While these ABC for kids books serve their purpose, we do not believe they fully engage a child's imagination. We put extraordinary fun into our ABC children's book. Each letter of the alphabet is its own thrilling, adventurous world. As you can see on our samples page, the letter A can be two dolphins kissing at sunset, or a bird sitting on a flower on a waterfall. B can be a breezy palm tree and two playful dolphins, while C can be a flamingo surfing on a wave or a swimming parrot fish. As children learn the ABC Calligraphy alphabet with our Rainbow books, they are stimulated to think of faraway lands, exotic wildlife, and magnificent plants. This gives them an appreciation for many things beyond the alphabet, including the environment.

Rainbow brush children's book ABC for Kids
Our exciting, imaginative art attracts a large following wherever it goes. Now you have the opportunity to participate not only in the marketing of highly desirable products for kids, but also in teaching children that reading is fun and the ecology is important.

We are a small, family-based company expanding into the production of new products. As such, we are stepping carefully to ensure we find quality manufacturers for our Rainbow brush and children's ABC books. If you would like us to advise you when we begin production, please contact us. Please see our Affiliates page for commercial opportunities.

Kazigraphy owns the patent for its "Rainbowbrush(R) marker" in the United States and patent pending in other countries. United States patent numbers are 6,554,517 B2 and 5,971,643 and Others. Rainbowbrush(R) marker is a Registered Trade Mark of Kazigraphy, Inc.

Our entire alphabet designs are copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and Canadian Government.

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